1. contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event.
    “Our Founding Fathers envisaged American independence and the framing of the Constitution of the United States.”

    synonyms: imagine, contemplate, visualize, envision

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The Life Assurance 360™ process 
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envisage has chosen to align with the eagle icon because it is the application of a precise vision that enables us to shape your legacy for generations into the future.

envisage is the “nesting place” for the
Life Assurance 360™
process and The TOLI Vault™ that safeguards your valuable documents. Our goal is to help you envisage your future…our vision is your security.

Why Envisage?

envisage is a premium service offered by McNair & Company, Inc. for its high-net worth clientele. envisage offers The TOLI Vault™, a secure electronic storage space, a powerful tool that offers clients unique portal access to their private financial documents. Clients are now able to access their life insurance documents from anywhere in the world through a personal username and password.

The word, “envisage,” conveys the genesis for the creation of the Life Assurance 360™ process. McNair & Company, Inc. wants you to ‘envisage’ —imagine, foresee, conceptualize, contemplate your core family values so they can be preserved, protected and passed on for generations to come. We want you to visualize this transcendent picture.

“Legacy of Love”

Leaving a “legacy of love” enables you to foresee the economic security that you will pass down to the next generation. It allows you to transfer not just your tangible assets, but your family values, hopes and dreams to the next generation and leave a lasting legacy beyond the grave. The creation of a “legacy of love” also enables you to significantly impact institutions you love such as your alma mater, a charity or family foundation, for generations beyond the grave.